Guests:  Jeff Burkhart, Executive Director; Jennifer Peterson, Senior Director of Tutoring; Reina Dominguez, Adult Learner – Literacy Network

“I couldn’t ask questions. Writing checks was very hard. Now, I can help at my children’s school…My life has changed because of Literacy Network.” Those are the words of Reina Dominguez, just one of the growing number of adult learners at the Literacy Network and one of the guests on this program.  Joining Reina are Jeff Burkhart and Jennifer Peterson.

You will hear how the Literacy Network teaches reading, writing and speaking skills to Dane County adults and families so they can achieve financial independence, job advancement, good health, and greater involvement in the community.

Literacy Network is also inviting the public to a free event on Thursday, December 8, from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at the Radisson Hotel Madison, 517 Canyon Drive, to hear personal stories of adult learners achieving success in literacy and to learn how a charitable gift can make an impact. RSVP 608-268-6542 or [email protected]