Guest:  Vivian Probst, author

“THIS – is the thing that changed everything, “ says Vivian Probst, author of her just-released memoir,    I Was a Yo-Yo Wife.  By THIS, she is describing how she reignited the love in her relationship with her husband by discovering she first needed to establish a loving relationship with herself.

The journey to the happy ending began thousands of miles away when as the daughter of missionary parents, Vivian followed her missionary husband to Africa where she soon discovered she was miserable. She was excommunicated and sent home to Wisconsin where a painful divorce followed.  Finding her way on her own from there, she eventually met her second husband Tom Probst.  Their loving relationship bloomed – then faded – and sparked again, and the yo-yo continued.

On this program, Vivian Probst fills in the details of her remarkable and eye-opening journey and how, through learning to heal herself, she was able to thrive in the confidence of a solid and loving relationship.

THIS program is for anyone who feels stuck or mired in misery in a relationship.