Guest:  Diana Konkle, author, baker, nutritionist, health advocate

Have you heard of einkorn?  It is an ancient grain that has a simple gluten structure compared to modern wheat.  Einkorn is the flour used by Wisconsin author Diana Konkle in the recipes she shares in her new cookbook, Baking with Einkorn – Modern Recipes for an Ancient Grain.

For 24 years, Diana sweetened the palates of thousands of devoted fans when she owned Diana’s Confections Connections in Sun Prairie.  After Diana sold her business, she took a proactive approach to her own health.  She had gained 75 pounds, had difficulty sleeping and minor digestive issues.  Recognizing the effect that processed sugar and flour had on her health, Diana started on a mission to change her diet.

On this program, Diana shares what she discovered on her journey to better health.

For those interested in learning more, Diana will be presenting a free class at the Oilerie in Sun Prairie on August 8. Reservations can be by calling 608-535-1300.