Guests:  Tanya Letterman-Shue, Vice President, Clinical Services; Ron Luskin, Cultural Competency Skills Workshop Project Manager, Journey Mental Health Center.

Journey Mental Health Center (formerly Dane County Mental Health Services) is the largest provider of mental health services in Dane County serving over 12,000 individuals and families last year.  JMHC is considered the safety net for mental health services in the community.  It is the place of last resort for those needing mental health services and are not covered by any insurance program and have no ability to pay.

On this program, Tanya Letterman-Shue, Vice President, Clinical Services, and Ron Luskin, Cultural Competency Skills Workshop Project Manager, talk in depth of the path to recovery they pursue with their culturally and ethnically diverse consumer population.  JMHC focuses on health, wellness and recovery, and their experience with and new approaches to diagnose and treat clients from diverse backgrounds will be shared at an upcoming Cultural Competency Skills Workshop for mental health practitioners they are hosting on September 28.

For a preview of what they have learned, tune in to this program.