Guests:  Kevin Mullen, Associate Director; Char Braxton and Sahira Rocillo, UW Odyssey graduates…

Based on the belief that the gateway out of poverty and disenfranchisement can come through exposure to powerful works of philosophy, literature, art history, American history and writings, the UW Odyssey Project was born 15 years ago under the leadership of Emily Auerbach.  The two-semester UW Odyssey Project offers University of Wisconsin-Madison humanities classes for adult students facing economic barriers to college.  Students receive free tuition, textbooks, childcare, and a weekly dinner – barriers that are removed through support from the UW-Madison, grants, and private donations.

And transform lives it does. On this program listen to Kevin Mullen, Char Braxton and Sahira Rocillo as they describe their discovery of the Odyssey Project and the path the Project carved out for their lives. Words and writing are at the core of their journey, and Sahira and Char share excerpts from their original works.

The public is invited to experience the transformation at the Night of the Living Humanities, a benefit for the UW Odyssey Project, Thursday, October 26, 5-7 pm at the University Club, 803 State St.  You will meet Odyssey students dressed in costumes inspired by the Odyssey curriculum including Char Braxton as author Toni Morrison and Sahira Rocillo as artist Frida Kahlo.  For more information and ticket reservation, go to