Guests: George and Trish Vradenburg, founders of UsAgainstAlzheimer’s;
Rob Gundermann, Public Policy Director, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin

The statistics get your attention: Currently 5.4 million people are living with Alzheimer’s or some form of dementia in this country; 15 million Americans are serving as unpaid caregivers; Alzheimer’s costs the nation $236 billion a year; it is the 3rd leading cause of death among adults and the only one that cannot YET be prevented or cured.

With YET being the operative word, in 2010 George and Trish Vradenburg started UsAgainstAlzheimer’s, a national nonprofit based in Washington, DC devoted to stopping the progression of Alzheimer’s by 2020. A formidable goal but one the Vradenburg’s are moving forward with purpose, passion and perseverance.

On this program, George and Trish Vradenburg share their story of why and how they took a vision and turned it into a growing national movement. Joining them is Rob Gundermann, Public Policy Director of the Alzheimer’s & Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin, who describes the initiatives the state of Wisconsin is taking to advance the care and safety of those impacted by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.


Guests:  Dr. Steven Deutsch, attending physical medicine and rehabilitation physician; Seth Newman, physical therapist;  Anne LeClaire, nurse and Chief Clinical Officer – UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital

The journey to recovery can be a long and challenging one – especially for people who have experienced stroke, brain and spinal-cord injuries, amputations, complex orthopedic injuries and other conditions that require inpatient rehabilitative services.  Enter on the scene the UW Health Rehabilitation Hospital, a free-standing 50-bed acute inpatient rehabilitative facility – only the second of its kind in Wisconsin.

On this program, three members of the specially-trained team of physicians, nurses, therapists and other rehab experts describe the unique features of the individualized, comprehensive care delivered on their 10-acre campus which promotes recovery outside of a traditional hospital setting.  You will hear from team members Dr. Steven Deutsch, Seth Newman, and Anne LeClaire.

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Guests:  Christine Beatty, Executive Director, Madison Senior Center; Steve Starkey, Executive Director, Outreach LGBT Community Center

Several years ago, a man approached Christine Beatty and said, “I’m gay.  What programs do you have for me?”  Realizing their mutual interest in reaching out to LGBT senior adults, the Madison Senior Center had already partnered with OutReach, Inc. in offering health programs on HIV and safe sex.  The next move was to create the LGBT Senior Alliance with the mission of developing events and activities for LGBT senior adults and to facilitate advocacy.  These programs continue to grow to benefit all LGBT older adults, their families and friends.

On this program, Christine Beatty and Steve Starkey describe the unique challenges facing LGBT senior adults, and what barriers still exist that hinder the efforts to close the disparities and eliminate discrimination against the LGBT community.


Guests:  Russell Grimm, DDS;  Emily Duvall and Morganne Russell, Dental Hygienists – Associated Dentists

What does that beautiful smile and the health of your mouth have to do with your overall health?  It turns out – a lot! Your mouth is a window into what is going on in the rest of your body.  Taking good care of your teeth and gums is a good practice in and of itself. As you get older, it can help you keep your teeth.  However, brushing and flossing may also help you ward off medical disorders.

On this program, Dr. Russell Grimm and hygienists, Emily Duvall and Morganne Russell engage in a rich conversation on the basics of excellent dental care, what dental care contributes to your overall wellbeing, health and longevity, and the health risks that surface when the importance of a healthy mouth, teeth and gums are neglected.


Guest:  Dr. John DeLamater, Professor of Sociology, UW-Madison

Love never dies, or at least the need for love doesn’t.  Some things are ageless, and contrary to popular perception, included in that list is the continued desire to have intimate relationships as we move into our senior years.

Dr. John DeLamater has studied the benefits of relationships as we age.  He has published papers on sexual desire, behavior and satisfaction in persons aged 45 to 75+ and is the co-editor of Sex for Life: From Virginity to Viagra, How Sexuality Changes Throughout Our Lives.

On this program, Professor DeLamater shares what he has uncovered about the joys and challenges of developing and nurturing intimate relationships throughout the course of our lives.