Guests:  Rebecca Ryan, Futurist, Founder, Next Generation Consulting;  Gary Becker, Executive Director, Local Government Institute of Wisconsin

Do you ever wonder what the future holds for you – or your community?  “The future doesn’t just happen to you.  You also happen to the future,” says futurist Rebecca Ryan, who helps cities and organizations anticipate the future.  Over the next three years, Ryan will facilitate “Future Region” planning sessions with nine Wisconsin regions – a region defined as at least two local units of government, key community organizations and businesses, and community members.  This initiative, led by the non-partisan Local Government Institute of Wisconsin, is structured to help Wisconsin communities be proactive, collaborative, and accountable in designing ambitious and resilient futures.

On this program, Rebecca Ryan is joined by Gary Becker, LGI’s Executive Director.  They describe how engaging in strategic foresight grounded in measurable data will help Wisconsin regions identify trends, expand their thinking on what is possible, and execute strategies for potential outcomes.

For more information, go to localgovinstitute.org.


Guest:  Sara Finger, Founder/Executive Director, Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health

“Every Wisconsin woman – at every age and every stage of life – should be able to reach her optimal health, safety and economic security.  At the end of the day, policy should happen WITH us and not TO us.”  That is the vision of the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health (WAWH), an organization that advocates for the health, safety and economic security of women and families in our state.

On this program, Sara Finger walks us through the ACA (Affordable Care Act) versus the AHCA (American Health Care Act) and how the difference affects women; the major proposed changes to Medicaid and the impact they will have, and policies the Walker Administration is proposing for Wisconsin.

Go to supportwomenshealth.org for more information on health care policies and to register to participate in the “A Day in My Shoes” Photography Project, June 13-18, to benefit the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health.  Registration concludes this weekend.


Guests:  Cheryl Wittke, Executive Director and Jean Papalia, QPR and Gun Shop Project Coordinator, Safe Communities of Madison-Dane County;  Meghan Henderson, LCSW, Clinical Specialist, Adult Psychiatry, UnityPoint Health-Meriter

Safe Communities of Madison-Dane County, a non-profit coalition that brings together public and private partners to save lives and make our community a safer place, has embraced the bold goal of zero suicides – working with health care organizations and other partners to encourage frank discussions with people who are at risk of suicide about their plans, and then taking steps together to remove the lethal means of suicide.  New thinking supported by evidence-based research is that “means matter” with the focus shifting from the “why” of suicide to the “how.”

On this program, Cheryl Wittke, Jean Papalia, and Meghan Henderson describe the Zero Suicide Initiative, the QPR Training (Question, Persuade, Refer), and the Gun Shop Project in Dane County.

QPR Gatekeeper Training is free to the public and offered during the noon hour one day a month. For more information on suicide prevention and QPR Training, go to

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-TALK (8255).


Guests:  Oscar Mireles, Executive Director, Omega School; Krystal Sanchez, Omega School graduate

Founded in 1972, the Omega School has helped more than 10,000 people earn their GED (General Education Degree) or HSED (High School Equivalent Degree) through individualized instruction – helping students tackle barriers that prevented them from succeeding in a traditional setting.  “It doesn’t take much to get off track in life,” says Oscar Mireles, who has served as the school’s executive director for 22 years.  “That’s where Omega can help!”

On this program, Oscar Mireles takes us into the supportive and informal atmosphere of Omega School and describes how they are able to achieve positive outcomes for students of all ages who want to complete their high school education.

Joining Oscar is Krystal Sanchez who graduated from Omega School 17 years ago and is now a graduate student at Edgewood College in the Sustainability, Leadership & Social Innovation program.  Krystal shares her personal story of a troubled home life which led to her being a high school dropout and on her own by age 15.  She credits Oscar Mireles and Omega School for introducing her to the higher educational path she is now enjoying.

Serving also as Madison’s Poet Laureate, Oscar Mireles concludes the program with one of his favorite poems.