Guests: Colleen Butler, Racial Justice Director 

              Kathy Obear, President, Alliance for Change

The YWCA’s Racial Justice Summit will address issues connected to matters of race, justice and equity for all in Wisconsin and the United States. No, the problem is not solved!

Colleen Butler and Summit guest speaker, Kathy Obear, describe how differences in skin color, religion, appearance and ethnicity still separate people from opportunities to become highly productive members of society. How do you evaluate your community, your organization, candidates and legislation to ensure that all voices are being heard and respected? These are the questions that are on the table.

The Racial Justice Summit and Post-Summit Action Institutes will be held Oct. 15-16 at Monona Terrace. Go to www.ywcamadison.org for ongoing information on racial justice and opportunities for action and advocacy.