Guests: Tom Mirenda, Orchid Collection Specialist, Smithsonian Institution
Judy Stevenson, Heidi Whetmore-Maenner, Jill Hynum, Orchid Growers’ Guild of Madison

Have you ever looked at an orchid and seen the characteristics of a face? Try it, and you will better understand one of the theories behind why people have such passion for orchids. This is just one of the theories expressed by Tom Mirenda who is the keynote speaker at Orchid Quest 2013, February 2-3 at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison. Orchid Quest is now in its 26th year and is the largest orchid show in the Midwest.

This program is a preview of what to expect at Orchid Quest as orchid lovers and admirers at all levels of interest gather together for a “mini vacation to the tropics.” Presentations range from The Mysteries of Orchid Pollination, Diversity, and Conservation to The Smithsonian Orchid Collection.

For more information about Orchid Quest and the care of orchids, visit www.orchidguild.org.