Guests: Patty Hinderman, Emergency Dept. Director, Upland Hills Health; Hannah Laufenberg, survivor of distracted driving accident and her mother, Wendy Kalmerton; Sergeant Dave Bauer, Dodgeville School District

What is distracted driving? Anything that diverts a personal’s attention away from the primary task of driving: talking to passengers, grooming, reading maps, watching a video, adjusting a radio or CD and, of course, texting.

Upland Hills Health’s Emergency Dept. Director, Patty Hinderman and her co-workers have seen too many people come to the emergency room with injuries as a result of distracted driving.  So Upland Hills Health launched their Just Drive Campaign.  Helping them deliver the message is Hannah Laufenberg who shares how an accident caused by distracted driving has affected her life.  Sergeant Dave Bauer, Dodgeville School District tells us what Wisconsin law says.

Some tips to avoid distracted driving:  Don’t try to multi-task; Put your purse in the backseat; Turn your phone off until you reach your destination;  Don’t eat and drive.