Guests: Ann Malone, Director; Andy Anderson, Tutor, Children’s Dyslexia Center-Madison

What do Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Whoopi Goldberg and Tom Cruise have in common?  They had dyslexia, a neurologically-based disorder that makes it difficult for 15-20% of the population to read, write and spell, processing language.  The Children’s Dyslexia Center-Madison is helping children and adults overcome dyslexia and is having remarkable success, moving them from the difficulties of reading, writing and negative self image, to gaining academic skills and the self-confidence needed to succeed in school and life.

The Children’s Dyslexia Center-Madison provides tutoring at no cost to the children and their families using a proven curriculum.

For information on the Center and their upcoming annual Walk, “Taking Steps Against Dyslexia,” Saturday, May 18, go to www.walkfordyslexiamadison.org.