GUESTS: Carmela Mulroe, Director of Activities and Volunteers, St. Mary’s Care Center;  joan e. kole, Ph.D., Drama Coach and Director of “Got Dreams?”

Dreams can come true – no matter what your age or situation. “It’s a whole new paradigm to have people continue to live lives of passion and conviction up until their very last moment,” says Carmela Mulroe, Activities Director at St. Mary’s Care Center.  She is joined by joan e. kole, Ph.D., director of the play – Got Dreams? – which was performed last weekend at St. Mary’s Care Center in Madison.  The original script came from the words of the residents.

As joan and Carmela state, Henry David Thoreau’s directive “go confidently in the direction of your dreams” is an active statement…valid yesterday, today and tomorrow.  C.S. Lewis says there is no expiration date on our dreams.  Using this philosophy, this inspiring program describes the Live Your Dreams initiative at St. Mary’s Care Center and how dreams coming true are bringing new dignity, vitality and purpose to the lives of the residents. 

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