Guest: Russell Grimm, D.D.S., Associated Dentists, Madison, Wisconsin

Dental disease is the most common infectious disease in the world. It is also transmissible from one person to another. The good news is that dental disease can be prevented or controlled in just about every person.

On this program, Dr. Russell Grimm describes the two main kids of dental disease: tooth decay and periodontal or gum disease which are caused by two different groups of bacteria. He covers the steps necessary to maintain good oral health in children – a more vulnerable period to develop dental disease, the power of fluoride, the effects of medication, the impact of our immune system, and the role of dental health in our overall physical condition.  Plus, advanced procedures and new technologies are helping make healthy mouths and beautiful smiles more easily achievable.

Associated Dentists has served the Madison-area community for over 50 years and will be moving their offices to new facilities on the corner of Whitney Way and University Avenue in Madison this September.