Guest:  Shannon Barry, Executive Director, DAIS – Domestic Abuse Intervention Services

On this program, Shannon Barry describes how domestic violence impacts us all – affecting the health of the victim, the family, the workplace and the community. Once considered “out of sight, out of mind,” DAIS is taking the domestic abuse conversation out of the shadows and publicly addressing this growing scar in our society.

About 1/3 of cases referred to the Dane County District Attorney’s office by local law enforcement agencies are domestic violence related. You will learn about LEAP – the Law Enforcement Advocate Partnership – that will be city wide by the end of summer.

And DAIS is just a million dollars away from opening the doors of the new DAIS Emergency Shelter this summer. This Shelter will provide safety and support to victims of domestic violence and will serve the community as an education and advocacy center.  For more information on the JUST A MILLION MILES FROM HOME Campaign or for information related to domestic abuse issues, go to abuseintervention.org.

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