Guest:  Mary O’Gara, owner and publisher – O’Gara Publishing

For years, Pat O’Gara headed O’Gara Publishing, a locally-owned family company started by his father, Tom, that has been publishing niche publications in Dane County since 1994 and also presented the annual Lifestyles Expo for seniors.  Four years ago, Pat called his sister Mary asking her to come to Madison.  He needed her help.  Pat had just been diagnosed with ALS.  Mary moved to Madison, cared for Pat and moved into the leadership role at O’Gara Publishing.  Pat died a little over a year ago.

Mary is now owner of O’Gara Publishing and has published a new resource guide on aging – renamed The Journey of Aging.

On this program, Mary O’Gara talks about what it was like to have her brother diagnosed with ALS while at the same time her father was suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. She shares how she used her personal family experience to add more content to The Journey of Aging – dealing editorially with the critical issues of housing options, home care, alzheimer’s, advance directives, hospice and end of life decisions while also providing an up-to-date listing of Dane County resources. The Journey of Aging is free at locations throughout Dane County including libraries and senior centers.

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