Guest:  Scott Wieland, Employee Benefits Specialist, Midwest Financial Group

While February 15 is the deadline to sign up for health insurance on the federally-facilitated Health Exchange – the only option where tax subsidies are available – that is only one option for obtaining health insurance. You may not be eligible for subsidies, so you are purchasing on the open market, not the Exchange. You may be a small business or a non-profit agency and wondering what health plans are available for you. You might decide not to provide coverage but want to help your employees obtain it. Or you might be just confused. What is the best plan for you? Should you select a silver plan, a bronze plan? All kinds of questions!

On this program, Scott Wieland shares his wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience with individuals, groups, and employers – people he has helped clarify their health insurance options and make the best choices for them.

Also, if you’re buying health insurance through the Exchange, don’t forget.  Go to before February 15.

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