GUESTS: Pat Gallagher, Active Zone Leader; Bonnie Oleson, Events Coordinator, Mid-West Family Marketing; Brad Zaugg, owner, Zerorez Madison

Being and staying healthy is a top goal of all of us, but what works for you and your family? What are your choices?  In what ways do your living environment, the things you do, the foods you eat, the relationships you have, the healthcare you seek make a difference in how healthy and happy your life journey is?  Answers to these questions and an amazing array of things to do and learn will fill the Marriott Madison-West on Sunday, March 15, 10 am – 3 pm.  The EXPO is free to the public with activities and presentations for all ages!

On this program, Bonnie Oleson and Pat Gallagher describe the highlights of what to expect at this first-ever Healthy Living Expo. Plus, hear the story behind Empowered Water and how it becomes a powerful cleaning solution without harmful toxins or chemicals from Brad Zaugg.

For more on the HEALTHY LIVING EXPO, go to madisonhealthexpo.com.