Guests:  Jo Jean Kehl Janus, Retired Director; Jenny Kehl Hiltbrand, Owner/Director; JoAnn Uhalt Janus, Teacher/Choreographer – Kehl School of Dance 

Dancing may have changed over the past 135 years, but for the Kehl family, some things haven’t. Four generations of Kehls have led the Kehl School of Dance since Great-Grandfather, Frederick W. Kehl, a German immigrant, founded the dance studio in Madison in 1880. And the 5th generation is rehearsing in the wings, in step with keeping the family tradition going.

On this program, Jo Jean Kehl Janus shares moments from the gilded history of the gifted Kehl family of dancers. Daughters Jenny Kehl Hiltbrand and JoAnn Uhalt Janus describe how dance promotes self-confidence and creativity and how their classes have evolved to include ballet, tap, jazz and hip-hop giving people of all ages the opportunity to participate in an enriching dance experience.

A special Kehl School of Dance 135th Anniversary Performance will be held 6:00 p.m. Thursday, April 30 at Verona High School. Tickets are available at the door.

 (photo courtesy of Jeremy Jones of Unified Newspaper Group)