GUESTS:   Jim Jaeger and Sandy Nuernberg, Association of Spiritual Caregivers at Meriter and ambassadors and facilitators in the Wisconsin Medical Society’s Advance Care Planning program, “Honoring Choices

Planning ahead is about preparing for your future today.  On this program, Jim Jaeger and Sandy Nuernberg take us step by step through the process of understanding, reflecting on and discussing future medical decisions, including end-of-life preferences.  The truth is, if you do not express your preferences, decisions are made for you if you can no longer speak for yourself.  And the decisions someone else makes for you may be different than what you would have chosen for yourself.  

There are two parts to expressing your preferences:  Having the legal advance directives signed and accessible and having the conversation with your loved ones on what your wishes are.
Advance planning can be the best gift you give your family.  For more information, go to www.honoringchoiceswi.org.