GUESTS:  Lannia Stenz, Executive Director;  Sandy Henshue, Director of Events and Corporate Partnerships;  Betsy Kennedy, member and Laughter Yoga Coach

No one need face cancer alone.  Not when Gilda’s Club is nearby.   Gilda’s Club offers an environment away from the health care setting where people affected by cancer can come when they are happy, sad, angry or tired.  

On this program, Lannia Stenz, Sandy Henshue and Betsy Kennedy, Gilda’s Club member and Laughter Yoga Leader, describe the normalcy that returns to families’ at Gilda’s Club in Madison where family and friends come together for emotional and social support, to speak with professionals, play games, laugh and have fun, or just relax and take a nap.  While there may be nothing funny about a diagnosis of cancer, that doesn’t mean people can’t get a good laugh at Gilda’s Club.  Learn how on this program.

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