GUEST: Rev. Dr. Alex Gee, Founder and CEO, Justified Anger Coalition

Education, economic development, incarceration, family and community wellness, and leadership capacity and development: These are the five work groups that will take on the goals established in “Our Madison Plan” – a detailed vision for racial progress in Madison which evolved from the “Justified Anger” essay by the Rev. Dr. Alex Gee which appeared in The Capital Times December 2013 and grew out of an earlier “Race to Equity” report by the Wisconsin Council on Children & Families. That report measured startling differences between whites and blacks in Dane County from academic achievement to incarceration rates.

On this program, the Rev. Dr. Alex Gee describes what has happened since the article first appeared, what “Our Madison Plan” is designed to accomplish, the breadth of community support and leadership that has stepped forward, and how the “Plan” is structured to be successful and sustainable.