Guests: Melinda Heinritz, Director of Strategic Partnerships including A Fund for Women, Madison Community Foundation;  Therese Gulbransen, Chair of A Fund for Women Advisory Committee
Transforming our community so that women and girls can reach their full potential is the vision of A Fund for Women, a separate fund within the Madison Community Foundation. “But you have to believe it is possible before you can make it happen,” says Melinda Heinritz. That’s why the theme for this year’s Annual Dinner and Fundraiser to benefit A Fund for Women is: IMAGINE MADISON:  THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN THE BEAUTY OF THEIR DREAMS.  The 22nd anniversary event is Wednesday evening, October 21, at Monona Terrace.

On this program, Melinda Heinritz and Therese Gulbransen describe the evolution of A Fund for Women from a time when mainstream charities and foundations were falling short in providing support to programs that benefited women and girls to today – when the newest focus is promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment through their Earn – Save – Invest Initiative.

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