Guests:   Courtney Cox-Paulson and Victoria Weber, RN, Care Managers, Care Wisconsin’s Family Care Program;  Monica Anderson, Care Wisconsin member and her mother, Shirley Anderson

What does it take to maintain your health, safety and independence as your move through life and find you can’t do it alone? According to Care Wisconsin, it takes collaboration with a Care Management team that puts you in the center of the decision-making in collaboration with a care team and support system.  On this program, hear Courtney Cox-Paulson and Victoria Weber describe how creating an individualized care plan allows their members to experience an optimal level of wellness.

Also on the program, Monica Anderson and her mother, Shirley Anderson.  Monica, now 48, has autism and lived with her parents until three years ago when she was able to move into her own apartment with the help of her care team and family.  Hear how Monica has met and set new goals as she lives a continually expanding life.

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