Guests: Jackson Fonder, president and CEO of Catholic Charities Madison and Fran Augustine, Director of Hope Haven

The Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim run/hike is a 48-mile trek across the Grand Canyon and back.  Considered a must on the Bucket List of avid-runners, Jackson Fonder, dedicated long-distance runner, completed the arduous journey this past fall.  He faced 10,000 feet in elevation change, major temperature swings and unstable conditions. With lots of time to reflect during the 14-hour double-crossing, he saw parallels in his venture to the journey clients at Catholic Charities’ Hope Haven are on in their struggles with addiction. There is no finish line on their road to recovery but a continuous path of ups and downs that eventually can lead to a healthier, more positive life.

On this program, Jackson Fonder and Fran Augustine share parallel stories of determination, fear, support, setbacks and achievement. Why do some succeed and others not? What are the keys to removing obstacles that get in the way of reaching goals? Hear their answers on this program.