Guest: Sybil Pressprich, Senior Career Counselor, Adult Career and Special Student Services, UW-Madison

Are you planning to retire?  Then what?  That is a question boomers are asking themselves as they prepare to move from a life of structured work to one with more flexibility and choice.  As one source put it, “If the golden-years dream was the freedom from work, the dream of this new wave is the freedom to work.”

On this program, Sybil Pressprich talks about how today’s retirees are re-envisioning their later life – one that continues to seek purpose, engagement and fulfillment.  Rather than a life of leisure, boomers are exploring more flexibility, phasing out, working part-time, taking on limited-term projects, volunteering or starting a whole new career.  But succeeding on your terms takes planning.  You’ll learn what you can do to make retirement “work’ for you.