Guests:  Dick Smith, Citizens Climate Lobby;  Paul Riehemann, Founder/Co-Chair, Rotary Club of Madison’s Going Green Fellowship Group and the Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group

The scientific community overwhelming agrees that climate change is happening, and the global warming of the past 50 years is primarily due to human activities, predominantly the burning of fossil fuels. The consensus also is that with appropriate actions by governments, communities, individuals, and businesses, we can reduce the amount of greenhouse gas pollution we release and lower the risk of much greater warming and its severe consequences.

With this in mind, Middleton, Wisconsin’s Sustainability Committee unanimously recommended that the Middleton City Council put two climate referenda questions on the November ballot: (1) Should the City of Middleton reduce the risks of global warming through its policy decisions and actions? (2) Should the City of Middleton endorse a federal carbon fee and dividend program as part of a national strategy to reduce the risks of global warming?

On this program, Dick Smith and Paul Riehemann speak to the seriousness of climate change and explain how the carbon fee and dividend solution would work.