Guest:  Mark Olsky, M.D.

“I was born on a train,” states Dr. Mark Olsky, a physician who has lived and worked in the Greater Madison area for decades.  Little did he know when he was first told that as a child, that he was one of the last survivors of the Holocaust.

Dr. Olsky’s mother, Rachel, was two months pregnant when she was sent to Auschwitz where naked, hairless and humiliated, she waited in line as the SS “Angel of Death” doctor, Josef Mengele, judged the new prisoners. Instinctively, Rachel did not admit her pregnancy.  As a result she lived and survived Auschwitz then Freiburg.  On April 20, 1945, on the final train ride to Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Mark was born.

The story of Rachel and two other mothers of newborns who were on the same train have been told in the book, Born Survivors, by Wendy Holden.  Dr. Mark Olsky shares the rest of this powerful, real life story on this program.