Guest:  Craig Culver, co-founder, Culver’s

It was an opportunity they couldn’t resist. So in 1984 Craig Culver and his family opened the very first Culver’s Restaurant in their hometown of Sauk City, Wisconsin featuring ButterBurgers and Fresh Frozen Custard which remain today as menu favorites.  This Wisconsin success story turned into a growing franchise and now spans across 24 states. And they are not done yet.

On this program, Craig Culver tells the Culver’s story that began with too few cars stopping and a competitive landscape. Rather than quit, the family rolled up their sleeves, and with unwavering determination and a can-do attitude, developed their own recipe for success.  As Craig says, as much as the business is about food, Culver’s is actually a “people place.”

Hear more of Craig Culver’s business philosophy and how that can be applied to leadership opportunities today.