All About Living with Carol Koby

Guests: Karla Thennes, Executive Director, Porchlight; Jeff Steckel, Director of Kitchen Programs; Doretha Garrett, Porchlight Products worker

Do you like strawberry jam, blueberry scones, sauerkraut?  These are just some of the products Porchlight Products is producing and selling to give people with disabilities the opportunity to work producing high-quality food products.  The growing business which uses fresh, local ingredients only, is transforming lives by giving the employees a sense of purpose and accomplishment and building critical job skills.

Porchlight Products is part of the many services Porchlight provides as they strive to decrease the Dane County homeless population and empower residents and program participants to positively shape their lives.

On this program, Karla Thennes, Jeff Steckel and Doretha Garrett describe the state of homelessness in Dane County and how Porchlight specifically serves individuals and families by providing affordable transitional and permanent housing, emergency shelter, jobs and job training and counseling.

You can enjoy Porchlight Products and support the building of their new commercial space by attending the Chef’s Tasting Fundraiser, February 28, from 6:00-8:30 pm at the Discovery Center at UW-Madison.

Go to Porchlightinc.org for more information.  http://www.porchlightproducts.org/where-to-buy/