All About Living with Carol Koby
All About Living with Carol Koby

Guests:  Carmela Mulroe, Director of Activities and Volunteers; Ashley Lund, Activity Coordinator/TRIBE Facilitator; Patricia Vallon, Bobbie Jackson, Shirley Lewis, Ann Moran, residents – SSM Health St. Mary’s Care Center

New research underscores the growing awareness that loneliness and social isolation influence the risk of early death.  In fact, according to researchers at Brigham Young University, loneliness and social isolation are bigger threats to public health than obesity which affects more than a third of adults in the United States.  No where can the threat be more present than when typically older people who require the care provided in skilled care facilities let go of the life they always knew and move into a facility providing the care they need.

Carmela Mulroe is well aware of the difficulty this transition can be and knows that beside food, shelter and clothing, a person’s total needs include feeling a sense of belonging, of engagement, of purpose, of self worth.  As a result, TRIBE, an acronym for True Relationships Build Engagement/Empowerment was introduced at St. Mary’s Care Center.  In TRIBES, small groups of residents gather together and take charge of their lives, their activities, their goals and future plans.  Is it working?  Are they engaged?  Do they feel at home?

On this program, you will hear from Patricia Vallon, Bobbie Jackson, Shirley Lewis and Ann Moran – all residents and active members of a TRIBE at St. Mary’s Care Center.  They make the lives they are living now come to life as they describe what their TRIBE has meant to them.  Joining them on the program are Carmela Mulroe and Ashley Lund.