Guests:  Suresh Chandra, MD, Emeritus Professor, UW School of Medicine and Public Health, Dept. of Ophthalmology and Founder, Combat Blindness International;  Reena Chandra Rajpal, Masters in Pubic Health in International Health and CBI Board President.

“The day I discovered that blindness in developing countries is primarily caused by cataracts in adults and Vitamin A deficiency in children, conditions that could be corrected quickly and inexpensively, I was astounded. That compelled me to start Combat Blindness Foundation, now Combat Blindness International,” said Dr. Suresh Chandra.  For 34 years, the mission of CBI has been to eliminate preventable blindness worldwide by providing sustainable, equitable solutions for sight.  The number of countries and people reached grows each year.

On tomorrow’s program, Dr. Chandra is joined by CBI Board President, Reena Chandra Rajpal, MPH.  They tell the stories of how a 20-minute cataract surgery that costs as little as $25 restores sight to the blind within 24 hours.  And how their pediatric program is changing lives.  80% of what a child learns is done visually.  By treating a child’s visual impairment with glasses, the most common correction needed, equal educational opportunities are opened up to them. They describe the innovations and partnerships they have established over the years to expand their efforts and the advancements made in eye health along the way.

For more success stories on how Combat Blindness is restoring sight locally and globally, the public is invited to their World Sight Day event Thursday, September 28, from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at the Madison Marriott West.  Guests will enjoy international foods from the countries served by CBI followed by a curated, blindfolded tasting of beer or tea and cheese.  For more information and to register to attend, go to