Guests:  Jack E . Daniels, PhD, President, Madison College; Steve Goldberg, Gift Development Specialist, Madison College

After much research, data gathering, conversations and community will, the new Madison College South Madison Comprehensive Campus is well on its way to becoming a visible reality on the corner of Park Street and Badger Road.  Why the south side?  Because that is where the greatest need is according to a diverse group of community leaders.  Realizing that education is the great equalizer, Floyd Rose of 100 Black Men says, “Given that employment is the fundamental pathway from poverty, Madison College is, without equal, the most effective means of empowerment” in south and southwest Madison.  Renee Moe, President & CEO, United Way of Dane County agrees. “Education is one of the building blocks to a stable life. This new facility will help address the social, racial and economic disparities we see in Dane County.” Zach Brandon, President, Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, is equally enthused. “The Madison College South Campus represents a critical investment and an important step toward driving equity, retaining talent in our region, and building an advanced economy that works for everyone.”

On this program, Dr. Jack E. Daniels walks us through the process that led to the building of the new south side campus and how it will address the educational, social, financial and support needs of the community it serves.  You will hear about the academic courses with a focus on STEM fields, business/marketing and entrepreneurship, plus a STEM Academy partnership with local high schools that will address the skilled worker void in Wisconsin and prepare students for the economic needs of tomorrow.

Joining Dr. Daniels on the program is Steve Goldberg who is consulting with Madison College to help raise the additional funds needed.  To learn more, go to