Guest:  David Noer, PhD, Organization Development consultant….

You’ve done everything right so far:  You have a great education in a field with high potential.  You are bright, talented, motivated, and your professional value has been embraced.  You are employed in a position with a promising future for career advancement.  What could possibly go wrong?  “Career derailment,” says David Noer, Organization Development consultant, honorary senior fellow at the Center for Creative Leadership and professor emeritus of business leadership at Elon University.

In his latest book, Keeping Your Career on Track: Avoiding Derailment, Enriching the Work Experience and Helping Your Organization, Noer describes real-life examples of 99 derailment hazards that can blindside talented employees and lead to termination, demotion, career plateauing, and removal from the fast track and succession planning charts.

On this program, David Noer vividly describes some of the potentially career-ending pitfalls he has encountered.  You’ll hear about:  Derailment by Zipper;  Derailment by Suicidal Meeting Behavior;  Derailment by Feedback Immunity; Derailment by the Need to be Right…to be Nasty…to be Busy;  Derailment by Diversity Adversity;  Derailment by Communication Constipation…and more.

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