Guests: Wendy Sulzer, Branch Manager, BrightStar Care and Bonnie Banker, Executive Director, BrightStar Senior Living

Family members do it first – take care of each other.  And then the time comes when family members become family caregivers for those who are no longer able to totally care for themselves.  The value of family caregivers is in the billions and is priceless.  What would our health care system do without them?

There often comes a time, though, when no matter how devoted the family caregiver is, additional help is needed.  Professional caregivers are then introduced to the care team, and the dynamics change.  The caregiving continues at this new level until it reaches a point when moving to a community care setting finds its way into the conversation.

Difficult decisions for families;  stressful times;  questions swirl: how will you know what to do and when to do it?  How will your role change?

On this program, Wendy Sulzer and Bonnie Banker take us through the caregiving journey from family caregiving to working with professional home caregivers to possibly moving to a community care facility.  They will share tips on how to make the transitions successful.

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