Guest:  Ellsworth Brown, PhD, Director, Wisconsin Historical Society

The Wisconsin Historical Society is our state’s memory and foremost storyteller. It is considered one of the nation’s finest historical institutions and is both a state agency and a membership organization.

For the past 14 years, the WHS has been under the leadership of Dr. Ellsworth Brown and a strong leadership team that includes, professionals, volunteers, donors and staff. Dr. Brown will be retiring as Director of the Wisconsin Historical Society at the end March 2018.

On this program, Dr. Brown shares highlights from his 14 years of spreading and expanding Wisconsin’s story and reminds us of how the Wisconsin Historical Society reaches the four corners of Wisconsin and beyond in numerous impactful ways.

For example: For those who have enjoyed Old World Wisconsin or the Circus World Museum, these are Wisconsin Historical Society attractions. Perhaps a genealogical search or researching the oral histories of Wisconsin Survivors of the Holocaust or Wisconsin Women’ History interests you. These are all possible at the WHS along with finding an abundance of other collections such as a wide range of menus from the mid-1800’s to the present day. And there is so much more.

Why is the preservation of our history critical to the present and future? Find out on this program. Learn more about all the programs and services the Wisconsin Historical Society offers on their website,