Guests:  Julia Pierstorff, Volunteer Coordinator for the Ombudsman Program;  Dale Sankey, Volunteer Ombudsman
Volunteers are often called unsung heroes. This is certainly true of the volunteers who are part of the Volunteer Ombudsman Program within Wisconsin’s Board of Aging and Long Term Care. This ongoing program which currently serves residents in nursing homes in 30 Wisconsin counties, trains volunteers to personally visit nursing homes, socialize with the residents, and advocate for their wants and needs. The trained eyes and ears of these volunteers can make a significant difference in the lives of the residents and improve their nursing home experience.
 On tomorrow’s program, Julia Pierstorff and Dale Sankey describe the training volunteers receive, what is required of them, the challenges they may encounter, and how this program benefits the day-to-day lives of nursing home residents.
 Volunteers are always needed.  To learn more about becoming a representative of the Wisconsin Board on Aging & Long Term Care in the role of a Volunteer Ombudsman, call 800-815-0015.