Guests:  Jackson Fonder, CEO/President, Catholic Charities; John Adams, Lead Guest Services Specialist, The BEACON….

When The BEACON Homeless Day Resource Center first opened its doors in October 2017, the priority was on meeting the the basic needs of the individuals and families who had no where else to turn. Today, The BEACON has moved into the more complicated territory of ending homelessness.

“It’s a tough place to operate,” said Jackson Fonder, President/CEO of Catholic Charities which runs The Beacon. “When you tally it all up around trauma, mental health, alcohol, drugs, poverty, loss, grief and fear….You don’t know who’s coming through your doors and the journey that they’ve been on.”

On this program, Jackson Fonder and John Adams talk about the learning experience staff, volunteers, police and guests shared in the early months of The Beacon. Since then, a Code of Conduct was implemented, parking passes were instated, outside security was enhanced, and generous donors provided a shuttle to offer safe transportation between The Beacon and area overnight shelters.

Most of all, The Beacon is becoming an environment where guests can regain their footing and connect with services which lead to secure housing and jobs. The Beacon’s second floor is home to a growing number of partner agencies such as OneHealth, Forward Service Corporation, Veterans Affairs, Urban League, and RISE’s Parent-Child Home Program. A Computer Lab offer guests the opportunity to research employment and access services.

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