Guests: Jennifer Baird, Publication Director, Journey of Aging; Jesi Hirsch, RN, Madison Patient Advocates….

In the free publication Journey of Aging, readers can enjoy articles on a wide range of topics in addition to an extensive listing of resources and businesses important to caregivers and aging adults. Now published twice a year and distributed to over 150 locations throughout South Central Wisconsin, the current issue features such topics as “The Serendipity of Writing One’s Final Wishes,” Estate Planning for the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Client,” “Kibble on Wheels,” “Design Your Home for Life,” and many more.

On this program, Jennifer Baird describes how this resource guide has been enhanced and expanded to provide accurate, up-to-date substantive information for readers and also function as a single-source directory where older people and caregivers can find the help they need. Jennifer is joined by Jesi Hirsch, a geriatric care manager, founder of Madison Patient Advocates, and author of the article “Chronic Inflammation – Three Healthy Lifestyle Changes.” She explains how simple lifestyle changes you can do on your own can improve your immune system and address chronic inflammation problems.