Guest: Paul Fanlund, Editor and Publisher, The Capital Times

I am sad to leave, but I leave with the knowledge that I lived the life that I intended. Those are the final words of famed columnist Charles Krauthammer in his A note to readers that appeared in newspapers across the country shortly before his death. After reading his straightforward yet poignant message, certain questions came to mind: What would I say if I were facing death, or what message would I want said about me after I’m gone? How much control do I have?

On this program, Paul Fanlund, editor and publisher of The Capital Times, takes on these questions and more as he discusses the various ways people choose to have their lives described after they’ve died. More people are taking control of their final words by writing their obituary in advance. Others choose to turn the task over to others. Should you write your own obituary, or if not you, who should write it? And, if there is a funeral or memorial service, how will you be eulogized?

This program provides no solid answers to the questions posed but opens the doors of your imagination to think about the many ways the essence of who you are can be memorialized and celebrated.

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