Carol with guest Adam VanSpankeren

Guest:  Adam VanSpankeren, Lead Navigator, Covering Wisconsin, Inc.

Many people are confused about the status of the Affordable Care Act. Did it get repealed? Has it changed? “The Affordable Care Act is alive and well in Wisconsin, and not much has changed,” says Adam VanSpankeren. The essential benefits mandated in the Affordable Care Act remain in tact as do the subsidies to help people pay for their health insurance premiums based on their income. 80% of those who sign up receive a subsidy to help pay for their premium.

Among the benefits, the ACA ensures people cannot be refused coverage based on pre-existing conditions, cannot be charged different prices based on their health status, and cannot have annual and lifetime caps imposed on coverage by their health insurance provider. The health insurance providers are all private insurance companies whose ACA plans can be viewed and compared on

On this program, Adam VanSpankeren does a tutorial on the ACA and walks us through a typical appointment with an individual or family wishing to sign up for health insurance on the ACA marketplace. Many free resources are available to help consumers sign up for health insurance including insurance agents, brokers, navigators, certified application counselors and health system and qualified health plan financial counselors. Consumers should call 2-1-1 to connect to free enrollment help or go online to schedule an appointment at Consumers can also shop on their own online at

For 2019 coverage, consumers must renew or sign up for coverage by December 15.