Guest: Christine Beatty, Retiring Director, Madison Senior Center

“Before we get to the fragile era in anyone’s life, we want older adults to be engaged in our community and active – and indeed they are,” says Christine Beatty, who is retiring as Director of the Madison Senior Center after 30 years of service. Christine Beatty has been a trailblazer for seniors and created a national model for senior centers across the country involving older adults in mainstream living as leaders, teachers and learners and providing balance and diverse programs that act as a model for aging.

On this program, Christine highlights some of the groundbreaking programs the Madison Senior Center has initiated under her leadership. Her purpose was not only to change the minds of the general public about the contribution that older adults can continue to make in the community, but she had to convince the elderly themselves that they had more to offer.

Christine Beatty may be retiring as Director of the Madison Senior Center, but she intends to walk the walk – roll up her sleeves and expand her experience and wisdom into a broader arena of bolstering the role of seniors in today’s society.

The Aging Mastery Program will be offered in 2019 beginning on January 7 from 5-8 pm at Warner Park Community Recreation Center. The fee is $49. If two people register together, the fee is $79. Call 266-6581 for registration and information.