Guest: David Benjamin, journalist, writer, author, publisher

Sitting down with David Benjamin is like going on a virtual global exploration of runaway thoughts that emerge from the depth and breadth of his life experiences. Benjamin has been writing for decades, and his essays, novels and other literary works offer a lively mix of intriguing reading.

As a writer in a wide range of venues, Benjamin has expanded to self-publishing his Last Kid Books series and is releasing his first three books this Spring. In the first book, Almost Killed by a Train of Thought, the journey of essays takes us from his native Wisconsin to Brooklyn, Paris, Tokyo and beyond with an originality that can be startling, provocative and entertaining.

On this program, David Benjamin, will give us a taste of the unique insights and his lifetime of stories that have ended up on the printed page.

David Benjamin will be appearing at two bookstores in Madison: Mystery to Me, 1863 Monroe St., 7 PM Friday, April 12, and West Towne Barnes & Noble, 2 PM, Saturday, April 13.