Guests: Laura Mikkelson, Intergenerational Volunteer Coordinator, RSVP of Dane County; Larry Orr, Foster Grandparent

RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program) of Dane County is looking for more seniors who wish to become Foster Grandparents. Foster Grandparents work with children in Dane County schools, Head Start programs and community centers, mentoring and helping them to be successful learners. They provide the unconditional love that sets children with special and exceptional needs, or who are in circumstances that limit their academic, social or emotional development on a path to a secure future.

On this program, Laura Mikkelson and Foster Grandparent, Larry Orr, better known as “Mr. Larry” in the classroom, describe how the program works in real life.

As part of LBJ’s Great Society initiative, this Foster Grandparent program is specifically for low-income seniors, those 55 or older, who commit to at least 5 hours a week, are able to travel to nearby schools, and have a willing heart and the desire to work with children. In exchange, they receive a tax-free stipend, reimbursement of transportation costs and meals.

To find out more about becoming a Foster Grandparent, contact Laura Mikkelson at 608-441-7894 or email [email protected] For other ways to volunteer, go to their website,