Guest:  Peter Bakken, Ph.D, Coordinator of Public Policy, Wisconsin Council of Churches

Over one million church members in 2000 congregations covering 20 Christian traditions are all connected as members of the Wisconsin Council of Churches. They work together to promote peacemaking and social and economic justice for Wisconsin’s most vulnerable residents.

Following the guidelines of the Johnson Amendment which dictate what religious and charitable organizations can and cannot do to affect public policy, the Wisconsin Council of Churches does not endorse candidates or political parties. However, they do educate their members on policy issues, encourage their active involvement in the political process, and advocate for or against certain policies before the state legislature.

On this program, Peter Bakken, Ph.D in theology from the University of Chicago Divinity School and Coordinator of Public Policy at the Wisconsin Council of Churches, highlights the history and purpose of the Wisconsin Council and their role in having their voice heard in front of the Wisconsin State Legislature and other leaders. He discusses issues they are actively supporting including accepting Medicaid Expansion, advocating for comprehensive immigration reform and more humane treatment, and cutting child poverty in half in the next ten years.

Those interested in the Council’s position on cutting child poverty can find more information on endchildpovertywi.org.