Guest:  Patti Seger, Executive Director, End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin…

End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin is the statewide voice for victims of domestic violence. They are focused on educating victims and the general public, providing safety and support to those experiencing abuse, and preventing and ending domestic abuse for future generations. Their voice is heard in the State Capitol in Madison advocating for laws and policies that work to make Wisconsin a more peaceful and just place.

On this program, Patti Seger, Executive Director of End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin, reviews their legislative agenda for 2019-2020 which includes: Preventing Inter-generational Cycles of Abuse through Proactive Prevention; Accounting for the Safety of Domestic Abuse Victims and their Children in the Family Law System; Protecting Survivors and their Children in the Child Welfare System; Creating Safety for Immigrant & Undocumented Families; Protecting Victims from Gun Violence, and more.

For additional information, go to endabusewi.org.