Guest:  Anita Rufus, Host, “The Anita Rufus Show” and “That’s Life,” IHub Radio, Southern California

People talking to people. A difficult endeavor in today’s political culture when people of differing opinions struggle to have civil conversations. It doesn’t have to be confrontational, says Anita Rufus, longtime host of “The Anita Rufus Show” and “That’s Life” on IHub Radio in Southern California. Known on radio as the “Lovable Liberal,” Anita invites listeners from all political persuasions to participate in discussions on policy – not politics. “It’s never personal or disrespectful,” says Anita. “It’s about active listening and agreeing on outcomes. The differences are in determining how we get there.”

On this program, Anita Rufus, retired businesswoman, law school graduate, educator, award-winning columnist and radio host, shares her guidelines on how to sustain civil conversations amidst controversy. She talks about her own experience running for Congress against Sonny Bono and assesses the current group of women candidates for President.

A longtime advocate of dying with dignity, Anita also discusses the importance of having our own conversations with those close to us and advance directives in place to maintain control of our full circle of life.