Guests:  Jeff Burkhart, Executive Director; Jennifer Peterson, Senior Director of Programs; Tania Rivera, Student Services Manager, Literacy Network

One in seven Dane County adults struggles with low literacy. Without the reading, writing or speaking skills needed in today’s economy, the opportunity for employment stability or career advancement are non-existent. A lack of computer literacy leaves them behind. For parents without these skills, their children may not receive the help with school work they need. And it can affect their health as they are left unable to communicate with their doctor or the health care system.

This is why the Literacy Network exists – to teach reading, writing, communication and computer skills to Dane County adults so they can achieve financial security, well-being and deeper engagement with their families and the community.

On this program, Jeff Burkhart, Jennifer Peterson and Tania Rivera, talk about their proactive efforts to provide the personalized support adult learners need to succeed in today’s society. They share details of their latest initiative – the Transitions Program – a partnership program with Madison College to combine enhanced literacy skills with a defined career path. You’ll also learn more about their citizenship program.

Volunteer opportunities are abundant at the Literacy Network. Volunteers are still needed for the fall semester. Call 608-244-3911 or go to litnetwork.org for more information.