Guests: Jim Kramer, Executive Director; Taylor Kilgore, Managing Editor; Josepha Da Costa, LaFollette H.S. freshman and Teen Editor, Simpson Street Free Press

When it comes to developing professional journalistic skills – researching the facts and verifying them, learning to write clearly and concisely, and editing and revising for increased clarity and accuracy, the Simpson Street Free Press is exemplary – living by the standard, “Never hand in a first draft.”

The Simpson Street Free Press began over 25 years ago as a neighborhood non-profit focused on engaging kids in learning through writing and literacy. SSFP currently produces seven publications. Students begin as early as third grade, and SSFP graduates serve as editors. High school students take on leadership roles. Middle school writer focus on science, history, geography and books.

On this program, Jim Kramer, one of the SSFP founders, Taylor Kilgore and Josepha Da Costa, a LaFollette H.S. freshman and a Teen Editor share the story of SSFP’s remarkable journalistic journey and their current concern, the achievement gap in reading skills in the Madison schools.

Hear what Madison students are focused on and reporting through the Simpson Street Free Press.