Someday will never come, until it does!  The birthdays are adding up, and you begin to wonder what those final chapters are going to look like. Enter AgeBetter, Inc,, the parent organization of SAIL (Sharing Active Independent Lives). SAIL’s mission is to enable members over 55 to live secure, engaged lives on their own terms. SAIL strongly adheres to the philosophy that “It takes a village” and is designed to help people stay independent by staying connected – and definitely enjoying the journey. SAIL is a members-driven organization that offers a full range of connections to people, resources, fun, support and healthy relationships.

On this program, Ann Albert, founding Executive Director of AgeBetter, Inc., and SAIL, describes how SAIL has evolved since its beginning days in the early 2000s and how it is embracing the village model to counter the effects of loneliness on health and independence and to enhance opportunities to live a purposeful life. Joining Ann is Dana Warren, a SAIL member volunteer. She is a former city Realtor, a master gardener and passionate about universal design. In her retirement years, she focuses her time on using her skills to give back to the community, having her voice heard, and building diversity within the SAIL membership.

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