In their Citizens United decision, the U. S. Supreme Court determined that corporations are people too, and they have a constitutional right to political speech. Now, a new and free app, Goods Unite Us, allows consumers to hear what corporations are saying in the form of their political donations and, in turn, lets consumers respond by choosing which goods they purchase and from whom.  Corporations earn profits from everyday consumer purchases. Some of these profits are donated to politicians and/or causes you may or may not agree with.

On this program, Abigail Wuest, CEO and founder, and Amy Jo Miller, COO and founder, of Goods Unite Us, describe how this app brings more accountability and transparency to our political process. Each company gets an overall Goods Score calculated on a scale of -100 to +100. When you look up a brand or a company, Goods Unite Us will tell you about donations made by the organization and its senior employees, including the aggregate political leaning of the company, parent company, and senior employees. The scores are based on data and have no partisan preference.

If enough citizens shop using Goods Unite Us, more corporations may be incentivized to end corporate political contributions, and consumers will be empowered to make their voices heard through the purchases they make.